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Jessica Biel: a true siren on the red carpet Impossible to look her in the eyes!

She should not be called Jessica Biel, but instead Jessica Belle! Indeed, Monday October 27, on the red carpet of the Festival of Rome for the projection of her last film, “Easy Virtue”, the actress appeared sublimissime in her brilliant dress long-line bra. Admire!

Get girls stripping on your desktop !!

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Mel B: a pink champagne combination … and it is an intoxication with the photographers!

Mel, you have an awesome, classy and unique dress. Cool!

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Too much sympathetic with her fans!

What a style!
But what does she want to say to us?
A quite wise actress!
Because she is worth it well…

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Heidi Klum likes costumes!

This time, we thus find her transformed into a blow of magic wand in Small Tinkerbell fairy to present the new collection of make-up of Victoria’s Secret of which she is the egery. This line made up of lipstick, gloss, eye shadows and other powders was baptized “Very Sexy”.

Yes, yes, sexy very, it is really the term which is appropriate for the German topmodel!

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As a normal person, we are always aware of our personal appearances. We live as normal as possible. How about those celebrities who made a lot of surgeries just to maintain their perfect body, hmmm?

Actually, we can not fight against the aging in our life. No matter how many times you’ll be undergoing a surgery if you are in the mature age your body will still show it naturally.

Look about Tara Reid… That’s all I wanted to talk about it.

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The beautiful young mom Jessica Alba is calling to all the young people to register to vote this coming US Presidential Election.

This is a personal campaign to drive young people to register to vote. Yous people can make the difference.


Jessica Alba gets the most out of her Parkvogel striped “Henley,” wearing it from her early pregnancy days to present play dates with daughter Honor Marie.

The new mom takes out the caramel highlights from her hair – leaving it a rich, almost black hue.

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TF1 wants to boost the rocket for the audiences!

To promote her new album, Britney Spears, the singer could make well a small round by the street Charlot, in the private mansion of the pupils of the “Star Academy”, in the current of November. A guarantee for TF1 to dope the audiences, more especially as the pop star should pass by the plate of the Plain-Saint-Denis to interpret her new solo.

Revealed information this morning by the weekly tele fact the effect of a bomb at the fans of the star, which awaits the arrival of Britney in France since 2004.

More, we joined Sony-BMG.
“This information remains confidential for the moment but the production of the “Star Academy” is, indeed, very demanding”, as they entrusted.

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James Blunt, War and Peace!

The singer was on the scene yesterday night at Palais Omnisports of Paris-Bercy for his last Parisian presentation before the end of his mega tour.

Return on the supersonic trajectory of this young English that the family heritage predisposed with the army, but who having experienced the war and death in Kosovo, preferred the music and the life.