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Appointment is taken!
Britney Spears comes back on MTV Music Awards, Sept 7, 2008
Fans of Britney Spears, you will delighted! Forgotten the failure of the last year. If someone believes the rumour, the singer should sign her great return to the stage at the time of the ceremony of MTV Video Music Awards which will be taken place on September 7 in Los Angeles.
And, moreover, on this subject, our dear Brit-Brit has just recorded the promotional spot of the presentation of the said event at the sides of the British actor Russel Brand who will be the master of ceremony. Yes! Yes! Goodluck Brit
Get girls stripping on your desktop !!

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The Duchess

Keira Knightley in the Duchess


Is a forthcoming film based on Amanda Foreman’s biography of the scandalous, 18th-century English aristocrat Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire. It is scheduled for release in 2008. Originally to be directed by Susanne Bier,[1] The Duchess was directed by Saul Dibb.

The Duchess, film with Keira Knightley

Starring: Keira Knightley, Hayley Atwell, Ralph Fiennes

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She wants to be pregnant again, Brangelina have concern to be done. If one believes that the last rumours, Julia Roberts and her husband Danny Morder, already parents of 3 children (the twins Phinnaeus and Hazel, and Henry) plans to increase their tribe by starting the fourth as of the end of the summer.

Julia Roberts wants a fourth child

In short, the holidays of the couple announce hot. Go, in the job, Danny!


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She does not always dressed in Prada!

Anne Hathaway doesn't always dress up in Prada

A few days ago, I announced to you that, within the framework of an investigation of her ex boyfriend, Raffaelo Follieri, by the personal goods of the actress Anne Hathaway had been seized by the FBI.
One spoke in particular about jewelries, diaries, but in fact, that’s not all!!!

Anne Hathaway

According to the rumour, the American agents would have also found photographs of Anne entirely naked.

Blow, today, the actress hopes for only one thing: that the FBI destroy them forever!!! Naughty, doesn’t she?

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No danger that Justin Timberlake systemic himself with the own cooking his darling. The singer entrusted it himself: Jessica Biel cannot cook. Worse, the last time that she would have tried to prepare something to him, they were so bad which this one gave it to her dog and even the animal did not support it since the dog finished by vomitting everything.

Jessica Biel, not a really good cook

A good means to be invited to the restaurant every evening?

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The actress leaves the big game for “Baby Sport”

Eva Longoria on the Baby Sport line; new campaign ads

To the sight of the new publicity campaign of Eva Longoria for the brand of sportswear “Baby Sport”, only one word comes us to the mouth: Waouh!!! But where did the immondes joggings pass? pearls of perspiration?

Hey it’s sure that she is sexier than ever, the “Desperate Housewives” gives us a desire for putting us at the sport!

Eva Longoria with Baby Sport

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When the children pose with mom !
You could never miss this, it was Monday August 4th that the magazine “People” left its cover with the first photographs of Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon, the fraternal twins of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie babies magazines covers

They are respectively 5th and 6th children of the tribe and, while excavating in our files, we found the old covers of “People” where Angie posed with her other children. To re-discover them today that I wanted to share them with you…

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He recovers gently…

Sunday August 3, 2008, Morgan Freeman the actor was confined at the hospital of Memphis after a serious car accident which has occurred on a road of the Mississippi.

Morgan Freeman victim of a car accident on the road of Mississippi

Initially, the news which came to us was alarmist news about critical condition. Extremely fortunately, his spokesman, Gave Lee, has just stated that he is okay the his condition was nothing really serious: “Morgan Freeman has an arm and a broken elbow, he is also slightly wounded on his shoulder, but he had a good moral state when Gace Lee spoke to him earlier.

The surgeon will be performing the surgery this afternoon or tomorrow. He says that will go and he thinks of recovering completely (…) He thanks all those who informed him of their wishes and their prayers”.

All our thoughts accompanied the 71 year old actor, currently with the poster of “Wanted: chosen your destiny” and let us wish him a sincere and a prompt recovery.

Wanted with Morgan Freeman

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All the paparazzis were after her feet!

Admittedly all the tastes whose in nature, but sometimes the fashion doesn’t go too far? That is the question which one is in right to be posed with the sight of the shoes that the actress Rachel Bilson carried, Wednesday July 30.

Rachael Bilson shoes after the paparazzis

Rachel Bilson shoes?

And what do you think about it? Would you see them at your feet? Hmm. Actually she has a great taste; I think this is the line collection from Margiela ou Chloe? Hmm, I am not really sure, let me check them.

Racahel Bilson with the Maison Martin Margiela, Covered-Heel Wedge Sandal

Covered-Heel Wedge Sandal

Martin Margiela, Covered-Heel Wedge Sandal

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Christina Applegate, suffers of a breast cancer

It is a quite sad news which I have just learned. The actress, Christina Applegate, known universally for her role of Kelly in “Grooms, two children”, announced, via her press rep, whom she was reached of a breast cancer.
She is only 36 years old… However, the disease having been diagnosed early, the actress will provide to be neat. I will wish her, from my very deepest of my heart, much courage and a speedy recovery.

Christina Applegate, courage for this fraeking breast cancer