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He recovers gently…

Sunday August 3, 2008, Morgan Freeman the actor was confined at the hospital of Memphis after a serious car accident which has occurred on a road of the Mississippi.

Morgan Freeman victim of a car accident on the road of Mississippi

Initially, the news which came to us was alarmist news about critical condition. Extremely fortunately, his spokesman, Gave Lee, has just stated that he is okay the his condition was nothing really serious: “Morgan Freeman has an arm and a broken elbow, he is also slightly wounded on his shoulder, but he had a good moral state when Gace Lee spoke to him earlier.

The surgeon will be performing the surgery this afternoon or tomorrow. He says that will go and he thinks of recovering completely (…) He thanks all those who informed him of their wishes and their prayers”.

All our thoughts accompanied the 71 year old actor, currently with the poster of “Wanted: chosen your destiny” and let us wish him a sincere and a prompt recovery.

Wanted with Morgan Freeman

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