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She presents us her new collection of shoes!

Paris Hilton presents her new line of shoes collection

If Paris Hiltons is made more discrete lately, she does not lose the direction of the businesses. The proof, Monday July 28, 2008, our wealthy heiress inaugurated, at the occasion of Macy’s Fashion Show, in Las Vegas, her new line of shoes for the collection autumn-winter 2008.

Paris Hilton New Shoes Collection Autumn-Winter 2008

And, to start this launching in beauty, Mis Hilton had an genieus idea: to sign autographs under the soles of her first 300 customers.
Oh yes, as regards the business, our blonde peroxidized always has the two feet on the ground and she not made to step on the feet!!!

Blow of Paris Hilton at Macy's Fashion Show presenting her Shoes Collection

Get girls stripping on your desktop !!

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Britney Spears has a new darling?

A holidays love?
Would our dear Britney Spears have a new darling? It is possible! Indeed, the American singer, who is actively given to the job lately, agreed a few days of holidays in a luxurious hotel of cabo San Luca, on the Mexican Riviera, with a group of friends and, here are that photographs circulate where she is seen very near to handomse brown tattooed. Then, new ideal?

In any case, it’s all the happiness which we can wish her…

I was a true fan of britney spears being young person now she matured and being a woman I can just follow writing about her and she is living such as a terrible experiences in her life. Well, I want that she finds her stability and she would sing like before.

Untill next time Brit!

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Audrina Patridge had a great time smiling for the cameras and posing with fans at The Ivy. Henry caught up with Adrian Grenier leaving Foxtail with a cute blonde and Elliot Mintz stopped to chat with the cameras before gorgeous bronzed soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo headed out of the club surrounded by friends.
Audrina Patridge

Sensual smile of Audrina Patridge

She is an American reality Television participant on MTV named “The Hills” in 2006, 40 episodes. She played as a MTV segments Host in 2007, as legally Blonde: The Musical.

She will be appearing on Pop Fiction this year, with the role of Herself in one episode.

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Discover her new perfume and her confidence!

Evangeline Lilly very sexy promoting her new Scent Cool Water Woman

At the time of the launching of her new perfume “Cool Water Woman”, Evangeline Lily produced a clip which we had the great chance to view.

And, in premium, the star also entrusted to us. I let you discover some of her confessions:

The role which enabled me to bore was Kate in “Lost”… The role which I currently interpret. It is my first role speaking as well with such as the cinema. Before I had played only in Commercials. I never idealized the idea to be fame. When I was student in Vancouver, I looked at the magazines. I saw the celebrities on television and I felt sorry for them. I said myself: `poor’! I thought: `I would never like this. Now, I touch the wood to be arrived it there.

My future ideal it would be a very calm place, very simple food of manner, to read books be to raise my children.

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Everyone cracks!

Eva Mendes lends her image to Calvin Klein

Eva Mendes lends her image to Calvin Klein

Waouh, the guyzs are likely not to go back some. The mark Calvin Klein, indeed, has just proposed their new publicity campaign for their range of underclothing with the very sexy Eva Mendès.

Eva Mendes the new image of Calvin Klein underclothing
Eva Mendes the new image of Calvin Klein underclothing
A true treat for the eyes, isn’?

For me drug does not act has to have a beautiful body. It destroys you …… drugs are not definitely make you a firm body! However Eva’s one is all this firm as ever!

Considering your comment you should not spend much time to maintain… I had the occasion to see her at the airport of Los Angeles in May, and I can tell you that she is very reserved and even prettier in natural, it’s incredible as she is splendid

The new image of Calvin Klein is Eva Mendes

The new image of Calvin Klein is Eva Mendes

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And Brit-Brit passes once more to the cashier!!
Britney Spears and Kevin Federline end of the legal battle

That made so much a long time that lasts, that one to hardly believe on this. Kevin Federline and Britney Spears went last Friday July 25 in a court of Los Angeles to regulate the last details of the legal battle there the opponent for the costudy of their children, Sean Preston and Jayden James.

Verdict thus: Kevin obtains, not only the costudy of the kids, but also a monthly alimony of 20.000 dollars.

As for Britney, she has just a right to visit and she can spend certain nights with her children.

My heart suffers for you Britney! I hope one day you will have finally your children and your money. Kevin has won everyting untill the majority of the kids.

Finally that could be better for the kids because he knows a little bit to take good care of the children, because he didn’t made any deep immaturity error in the mean time. That’s what we know though.

Britney, you know it does exist the security chair for baby instead of driving while your kid was on your knees or avoid holding a baby like a bag while walking on the street. Those things are important. Goodluck to you though.

Kevin Federline visited Britney Spears while she is bald

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But without her magic capacities!
Holly Marie Combs returns on Mistresses!
Yes! After “Charmed”, Holly Marie Combs returns in television series. The actress will hold one of the headlights roles indeed in “Mistresses”, a new series in project on the other side of the Atlantic.
Mistresses TV Series
She will find there in particular Brooke Burns, already seen in “Alarm with Malibu”. As for the history, it is all about the four women about thirty years older, friends since the university.
Brook Burns plays with Holly Marie Combs on Mistresses
Quickl, quickl! When it will be broadcasted in France? Hmm that’s not a problem you can follow the series as soon as it is broadcasted in the US. Don’t ask me why, you have look by your own. LOL.
Brook Burns walla paper

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She sees the life in Blue!

Gillian Anderson preganant of a lil boy
End of the suspense!
At 39 years, Gillian Anderson comes to reveal that her child to be born would be a little boy. It is the second for the actress, already mom of a small 21st month old Oscar and of a girl, Piper, 13 years.

All our congratulations!

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The campaigns advertizing of Jude Law, it’s a gift!

Jude Law with the Traditional variation of Dior Perfume Men, Sport

One cracks literally for the new pub campaign of Jude Law! The handomse and sexy guy, indeed, has been just made the favourite to represent the new image of the perfume Dior Men Sport, the traditional variation of Dior Men .

Hum… And, like we never wearies the handsome Jude, I propose you to discover, in premium, the photographs, his countryside advertizing for the collection of autumn and winter 2008-2009 of Dunhill, a claw of Fashion so british.

Jude Law with Dunhill Fashion

Jude Law with Dunhill London Fashion

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But also a little old play, isn’t it?

Eva Longeria\'s new hairstyle

Since she cut her hair, Eva Longoria also has to re-examine her wardrobe. Blow, she is very classy which she appeared with the press conference of Alma Awards, which took place on the plate of Desperate Housewives with Universal City, Monday July 21st.

Eva Longeria\'s new hairstyle and classy dress style

Then, what do you think about this? Convinced, weren’t you?