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2008 Cannes Film Festival

The list of the films in competition in 2008 Cannes Film Festival That promises! From the 14 to June 25, the flashes go crackling, the stars to hustle themselves with the Festival of Cannes. But, while waiting to live this great moment that you will be able to follow here a first impression of what awaits us with the selection of films in competition. Among the most well-known, Clint Eastwood forms part of the official selection for his new thriller,

The Changeling” and he will come to present his with the actress: The pretty Angelina Jolie! Steven Soderbergh, prize winner of the gold Palm in 1989 with “Sex, lies and video”, will present

2. “Che“, film of a four hour old on the life of “Che“, with in the title role the actor Benicio Del Toro. A little chauvinism, two French realizers are with the honor: Philippe Garel with

3. “the border of the paddle” and Arnaud Desplechin with

4. “a tale of Christmas“. Thierry Fremeaux, deputy general of the Festival, announced that the selection “would be supplemented in the days which come with in particular a third French film in competition”. To note also that, as envisaged, the media event more awaited will be the world preview of the

5. fourth opus adventures of Indiana Jones. And one awaits so much is the projection of new Woody Allen

6. “Vicky Cristina Barcelona“, with Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson.

Get girls stripping on your desktop !!

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A film about Mark David Chapman in the days leading up to the infamous murder of Beatle John Lennon.

Linsay Lohan cutie smile

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And if this rumour will be the right one?

Angie and Brad Pitt will be united in June?

The rumour of a possible marriage between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie returns on the carpet. Indeed, of the close relations of the couple affirm that the love team would have envisaged to link their destiny next June, in all intimacy, in their house of Santa Monica.

Angelina and Brad in the restaurant

A mole entrusts: “George Clooney and Matt Damon will be present just like of numerous stars of Hollywood. But Brad and Angelina wish that nobody be well-informed for the ceremony and prefer to pretext a festival for the birthday of Angie (June 4) and their daughter Shiloh (May 27)”.

Angie, Brad Pitt and George Clooney

Subject to be followed!

Angie and Brad Pitt

Angie kisses Brad Pitt

I Love you Angie

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I have missed Prison Break by now, waaaa rgh!
Well, I have decided to buy some stuffs concerning Prison Break.
I pleased my self to have a Black T-shirt of Prison Break and few mugs indeed.

My Prison Break T-shirt Collection

And in addition to this Michael features with the French Cafe, Nice!

My Prison Break Mugs

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She gives that!
Good news for all the fans of Britney Spears! The site of People affirms that the American singer very soon will be joining, for the second time, the casting of the series “How I met your mother“.

The Series How I met your Mother

Our dear Brit-Brit should take again there her role of secretary in only one and single episode for the moment. Yes, yes, yes she did it again!!!

Blog Britney Spears one more time

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The rumour does not cease swelling about the return of Jennie Garth!

The rumour according to which Jennie Garth, alias Kelly, could join the distribution of the series derived from “Beverly Hills 90210” does not cease running on the other side of the Atlantic and due!

Jennie Garth will be back on Beverly Hills Series

The actress has just dropped the pilot from a new series entitled “My Best Friend’s Girl” where she however has the first role.
Then, did she leave aside a project to invest herself to another one? Possible, but it is also murmured that this abandonment could be related to the fact that the actress has just lost her father.

Abandon the new series My best Friend's Girl

To be followed up only here in my blog!

Jennie Garth will be playing again on Beverly Hills Series

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The actress always has horrible morning nausea sickness!
Even if she is insane of joy of being pregnant, Nicole Kidman does not hide that her pregnancy is not a part of a pleasure.

Nicole Kidman Cowgirl looks

The Australian actress, who will give life to her first child next July, indeed declared at the time of the emission of American television “Access Hollywood” which she always had an important morning nauseas.

Nicole Kidman having morning sickness during her pregnancy

Oh yes, not yet born, but the small personality at the end in fact already giving a hard time to Nicole a future famous mom. As for know knowing if this will an act of a small girl or a little boy? motus and stops bent. Nicole and Keith know it, but they do not want to say it! Mystery-makers, goes! :-)

Be kind baby to your famous Mom Nicole Kidman

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After Girlfriend, When You’ Re Gone and Hot, Avril Lavigne reveals a new individual heading The Best Damn Thing, from which the clip comes to be revealed.

New album of Avril Lavigne The Best Damn Thing

In a pink decoration and on explosive sonorities pop-rock’n'roll and rates/rhythms, the images and the energy of the singer are present throughout the clip. The artist plays with the costumes, disguising herself in pom pom girl and raising a pink wig.

Avril Lavigne with her The Best Damn Thing

The clip was produced by the realizer Butch Walker. Avril Lavigne will begin from May a series from concerts through Europe, which will take along in particular to France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Hungary, Czech République…
It will occur with the general sports Stadium of Paris Bercy on next June 10th!!

Avril Lavigne new album The Best Damn Thing

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A reconversion of most astonishing That then!

Since her interviewed the President Hugo Chavez for American magazine “GQ”, Naomi Campbell was discovered a new vocation: she wants to become journalist.

Naomi Campbell TNG Brazil

According to her,
“It is really the career which I wish to have! “, she declared most seriously of the world. Remain to know if the terrible panther will be able to keep her calms and her coolness when the people whom she will interview do not want to answer her questions.

Naomi Campbell at the beach

To be followed up dear readers and fans, hmm, what do you think huh?

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Between these two love team, it’s serious!

A few months ago, one did not give expensive of their couple and yet that lasts, that lasts and that is even concretized!

Oh yes, if one believes the last rumours of them, Sarah Larson would have decided to settle with George Clooney.

Sarah Larson and George Clooney pose

George Clooney with Sarah Larson at the restaurant

The young woman would have already started besides to transfer some from her business and would be on the point of giving a key to the handsome actor.
And after the cohabitation, the marriage? What else?
Goodluck George and Sarah:-)

George Clooney kiss with Sarah Larson