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Christmas greetings to all with Alessandra Ambrosio:-)

Your Christmas

Christmas with Alessandra Ambrosio

Christmas Honk the Horn


Baby Christmas

Get girls stripping on your desktop !!

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Avril Lavigne

Avril is originated from Napanee, a small city of Ontario Canada!Avril Lavigne is born in 1985. Her vocation as a singer was born in her more tender childhood.

Avril Lavigne

Supported consequently by her parents, at age of twelve she writes her first songs, learning how from herself to play the guitar.

Avril Lavigne

Inspired by her own experiments, her texts are mixed with a music influencee by Goo Goo Dolls, Green Day where universe of the skate, which she practises regularly.

Avril Lavigne

To semi-way enters the pop one and the punk rock ‘n’roll (Sum 41, Offspring.), she occurs in some regional festivals, making it possible her voice acquire its maturity.

The Real Avril Lavigne

One fine day, Antonio Reid (RCA/Arista) passes by there and, impressed, he proposes a contract to her. Thus at only sixteen years, the dream of Avril Lavigne is carried out.

Avril Lavigne

She stops her studies to be fully devoted to the music. Quickly it delivre her very first album solo “Let Go” in 2002.At 19 years, April Lavigne returns with a new album in May 2004 heading “Under My Skin“…

In April 2007, she promotes “The Best Damn Thing”.

Avril Lavigne with her The best Damn Thing

Coming soon in France 2008
Our dear Avril will be around in France on June 10,2008 at the Stadium of Zenith PARIS FRANCE!!