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Cheer with all!!! 574,8 km/h, it is the new record of the world speed on rail beaten this day by the SNCF, Alstom and RFF. Let us divide, together, this great moment of pride cheminote. To revive the event return in the principal stations of France from the 10th to April 12th.

France High-Speed Rail Network, TGV

The TGV, which must beat today, between Strasbourg and Paris, its own record speed, redrew the chart of the country. The TGV, which must beat today its own record speed, contributed to change.

Who would have believed that a train could as much change the aspect of a territory?

Contours of the country

Towards 600km/hour

The French TGV should pulverize today its own world record speed on rail, while trying to reach a speed of at least 560km/heure. The TGV could even try to exceed 581 km/h, record speed, held by Maglev, experimental Japanese train with magnetic lift.

Train: The records speed

2007 France TGV rows experimental 559km/h

1990 Atlantic France TGV 515,3km/h

1988 Germany Ice Inter City Experimental 406km/h

1981 South-eastern France TGV 380km/h

1955 France electric Engines CC7107 and BB9004

1903 Motorized Electric Siemens

Maglev a Japanese prototype with electromagnetic levitation reached 581 km/h in 2003 but tentative not approved.


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